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Hellow everyone <3

First of all: sorry for being rather inactive on here lately ;_;

I’m currently more busy on my other side-blog ask-corrupted-hatty.

Just wanted to let you know that I’ll be away until Monday.
Gonna take my leave to spend some days with littledozerbaby, her brother and yuitaz in Cologne 8D

Aaaand we’ll be at the Gamescom on Friday, Saturday and Sunday :)

I’ll be cosplaying as Altair.

Gonna look like DISSSS
awwww ye super kawuaaaiiii assassin… ubububububu

So yeah, maybe we get to meet if you happen to be there, too. ;A; <3
I’m so excited!
All the games I wanna check out, meeting my friends, fooling around, having fun AAAAAAAAAH it’s gonna be so amazing!
I’ve been waiting for this week for soooooo long (a whole year ahohohoho) ;___;

And when I get back home I’ll be having Yui to stay at my house for a week so don’t expect me to be around during that time >w<

Well now, be safe! ;W; <3
See ya in about two weeks!


For ligeia-maloy and hipheihippie <3

Finally they’re done (I’m sorry that I took so long; I was so lazy and kept getting distracted, I’m horrible ;A; *hides her face*).

These are follow-ups to this. I’ll soon be scanning all of these and print them on the shrinking foil and finish up the keychains 8D

@Lig: Du wolltest ja nen Schnaut, ich hoff, dass er okay is ;w;

Aber wenn er dir zu langweilig ist, einfach bescheid geben ;A; <3

Ich hab mich gefreut ihn für dich zeichnen zu dürfen (logisch, ich liebe mein Baby einfach viel zu sehr X///D).

@Hipheihippie: The outfit was so much fun to draw and I love your hair! Hope you like the result <3

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