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My fursona was in desperate need of a new reference sheet (the last one I drew was two years ago X’D).

Yeaaah it IS quite ironic that her name is Lyco, yet she’s rather feline-like but my sona was a woof woof for 7 years until I decided to change her to something that was more appealing to me BUT I didn’t wanna change the name since her character is still the same.

And yes, I pointed out TWICE that she’s female because despite always pointing out she’s female she still gets mistaken for a male |D

There’s also an anthro version

(sorry for my derp English X_x)

Prisoner: “You know I’d do anything for you, so do our other friends. We know you’d do the same for us.”

Hatty: “Quit it!”

Prisoner: “I just… I just want my best friend back.”

Hatty: “I don’t want to hear any of this! Now get on stage! The cats already start tearing at the seats…”

I really love making fake screenshots and adding this pixel-ish effect |D

And I said it before but… I enjoy my AU/headcanon story thing way too much (I’m actually sorry for annoying you with this), I wish my English writing was at least decent enough so I could write it down as a fanfiction.

Posting this for cynwrig because I promised <3

A little something for my dear littledozerbaby <3

I’m posting it today because I’m not sure if I’m around to post it tomorrow so I better be safe than sorry ´w`

Our favourite leopard seal siblings Bill and Kai (I love our OCs so much ;____; I can’t wait for them to appear in the comic *rolls around on floor*)

God it’s such a hassle to directly draw on the shrinking foil but I can’t print stuff at home X_x I was shaking all the time when I drew the lines X///D

@ Tatti: Hoffentlich gefällt dir der kleine Keychain ;A;

Die Farben sind doch n bissi dunkler ausgefallen, als ich gehofft hab X///D Dabei hab ich mich mit den Farben so zurückgehalten TT__TT


Dein richtiges Geschenk bekommst du dann, wenn ich bei dir bin, aber ich wollte dir trotzdem eben schon mal was geben können ;w; ~ <3

außerdem….. kleiner bibermann und schnaut……..

Some doodles I did over the last two days.

Thought I might aswell share my ‘headcanon stuff’ in case someone would be interested (which I doubt but at least I had fun with this 8D)

also note that I imagine Stamper’s voice for Hatty, that’s why I used that “What the fart” quote B)

I imagine Hatty to be kind and all but that he sure can get reaaally pissed if he has to but always tries to cover it.

Sorry for the long post and my terrible handwriting |D

(and I know, I have a weird way of writing t)

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