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"Don’t worry. I won’t ruin your pretty face… much.”

Lazy, rushed coloration oooopsie daisy…

Alright… Before I’m heading home, time for some Drogentiercity because I have the feeling I owe this to some of you with me drawing too much Garrett lately.

Thought I’d give my dear Nayka some love ;_; <3

She’s one of my favourite OCs, actually that type of OC that I’d love to be friends with if she was real ;_;

A short summary of what she’s like:

She’s rather outgoing, daring and adventurous, loves to travel and meeting new people. A cheery person who’s willing to kick some ass if someone asks for it, though.

There’s so much more I’d love to explain about her but I’d give away way too much of her role in the story ;_;

Based on yuitaz and my OC RP. Garrett’s not part of the story but I couldn’t help but imagine how Günther and Schnaut would hire him to have him steal something (maybe from Travis to mock him BD *grinning at yui*).

Oh Schnaut, you little fanboy… Just let Garrett take his leave or Günther might hurt you -w-

and stop taking the drugs you’re supposed to sell

Wanted to see Garrett wearing this.

When I told notthenoviceyouarelookingfor about it she suggested some neat things to add to the outfit <3 So this is a little thing for her since she gave me some nice ideas :3

It was supposed to be a modern!Garrett but it looks more like re-designed Garrett from Deadly Shadows (which wouldn’t be a bad thing since I love that version of Garrett BD)

Ayyyy at least I had fun drawing this. Please ignore the weird background… *hides face*

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